Araido is an ambitious software security company that delivers services to help organisations achieve a Secure Software Development Lifecycle. Building innovations for customers is not only about building something that they need, it is also about standing up to the level of trust they expect. Organisations use lean development practises like Agile, Scrum, DevOps to support collaboration and cloud services to reduce the time to market. To include security, organisations must commit to changes in skills, culture, technology and processes to deliver secure innovations at speed and scale. Being one of the pioneers in DevSecOps, Araido knows how to make DevSecOps programs successful within an organisation and include security as an integral part.


Transparent threat hunting

Creating a culture where people are rewarded for finding bugs and reporting them, reduces the likelihood of a breach and huge regulator fines.


Cost reduction

By detecting issues in an early stage, issues can be fixed faster and more efficient. The costs of complying with regulations and governance standards is reduced.


Speed of delivery

The speed of software delivery will increase because security issues and challenges are minimzed or eliminated at an early stage.

Meet our Team.

Dominik de Smit

CEO & Founder

Patrick Dronk

Software Craftsman

Ralf Köllner

Agile Security Coach & Threat Modeling Expert

Elma Jakić

HR Manager & Managementassistant

Ion Arapu

Security Engineer

Hans Moonen

Managing Partner

Peter Heijblom

Managing Partner

Our Trusted Advisors.

Vincent Berg

Partner at Anvil Ventures, Fortune 500 Security Advisor

Derek E. Weeks

Vice President at Sonatype

Pieter Danhieux

CEO & Co-Founder at Secure Code Warrior